The Ni Hao Series

Chinese Language Course by ChinaSoft Pty Ltd, Australia

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The Ni Hao series is a basic Chinese language course for beginning students of Chinese. It provides students with the opportunity to develop communicative skills in both spoken and written Chinese at a basic level. The Communicative approach is applied in the design of this series of books. Language functions and notions are systematically incorporated in all topics and settings.

To enhance students' learning, a variety of learning materials ranging from books to software are included in the series. Each level of the series contains a textbook with downloadable software, a student workbook, a teacher's handbook, a set of audio CDs, mp3 downloads and Games software

Ni Hao eCourse for iPad

The Ni Hao eCourse is available from the Apple App Store. The course is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of the Chinese language and combines the Ni Hao Textbook, Ni Hao Student Workbook and Ni Hao Games and brings them to life in one, easy to use App complete with interactive functions to enhance the learning experience.

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